Jan 21 2023

Free shell server is live again
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We had a serious outage on our free server, which lasted more than 5 days.

The issue was detected with the network settings and it was not possible to fix, therefore we had to reinstall the whole system and reconfigure it.
All your data is protected and safely restored.

No signs of intrusions were detected.
If you notice any issues with the free server, let us know.

We're sorry for this issue, but you can go back to shelling now :)

- xShellz Team
Great! Thank you for your job!
cuerti    Jan 21 2023
Thanks so much!
DamienChaos    Jan 21 2023
Very good thanks!
kamakzie    Jan 22 2023
quiero que cambien mi ip porfa seria posible para que me deje entrar en un servidor ya que con esa ip no me deja ingresar ;(
SuarezxD    Mar 30 2023

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