Feb 08 2022

Changes starting from 1st of March 2022
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Hello xShellzers,

there will be couple of changes starting from 1st of March here at xShellz.

First, no more support tickets. Only paid/elite members will be able to submit a new ticket. All other discussion needs to be moved to the community forum.

Second, we will be cutting some of the packages features, such as auto approval. Each new package needs to go through the manual approval process in order to minimize useless and bloated packages which are not supported by xShellz.

Third, new generators for eggdrop 1.8+, anope 2.0+ and Unreal 6+ will be introduced.

And finally, we will introduce keep tokens in the upcoming period.
If you have any further suggestions or improvements, let us know.


can you please move towards eggdrop v1.9? :)

it has many features, which would be awesome to use! thank you in advance!


also not sure about the keep tokens, but heallyea!! (y) THX!
Lord255    Feb 08 2022
i use winscp to log in but having trouble doing so. is there anyway i could possibly get some help?
Hailie    Feb 11 2022
@Lord255 we will look into it.

@Hailie you need to accept new host key.
Staff StephenS    Feb 11 2022
okay, now i got that, but how do i get my eggdrop back online, on the servers i had her on? it's giving me errors whenever i try to load her config file.
Hailie    Feb 12 2022
Hailie, lets talk about that on irc.

(basically plz give more details on the issue there..)
Lord255    Feb 12 2022
Lord255, where on irc? I will be available now until 10:20am central time zone because i have an appointment at 10:30am until sometime after 11:15am or so. and then after that i will be available again. all this is in central time zone. right now it is 9:30am for me.
Hailie    Feb 15 2022
libera @ xshellz ?

just join the channel and write. if i will be in front of the pc, i will answer. :)
Lord255    Feb 15 2022
okay, I didn't know it switched servers. thank you.
Hailie    Feb 15 2022

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