looks that way, my znc's dropped
schwarz    Aug 12 2021
All my ZNC's dropped and servers down. Hopefully they fix it SOON
nienqster    Aug 12 2021
Seems so.
VerthNeel    Aug 12 2021
Still offline.
VerthNeel    Aug 13 2021
pocky    Aug 13 2021
I cannot access turbous either.
kusau    Aug 13 2021
ok not the only one yeh i dropped all.. must be down thought it was an account issue... lets hope its back soon. normally not 2-3 days though wonder what is up??
IMrEwt    Aug 14 2021
I submitted a ticket for this. Did anyone else?
kusau    Aug 14 2021
I submitted a ticket days ago, haven't heard anything.
pocky    Aug 15 2021
\o/ \o/
CGSHELL    Aug 15 2021

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