Dec 06 2019

Is TurboUS down?
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Is TurboUS down or is it just me? The status in xPanel shows stable and online (green light) but I am defintly down.

it must be... mine gave me all kinds of errors.. First thing i saw was suspended from some page.. thought wth.. i paid lol. sent support tix and all.. im thinking its just down. i even tried isitup. and it statues must be down. so we wait!! something has been buggy with turbous for a while i think even on the main page it always says 0 users and 0 whatever.. never displays the current uptime.
IMrEwt    Dec 06 2019
Yes, we're having some issues with the turbous and our technicians are looking into it, please stay tuned and thanks for patience.
Staff StephenS    Dec 07 2019
no worries. thanks for the update!
CGSHELL    Dec 07 2019
TurboUS is back online. Please restart your processes.
Som    Dec 08 2019

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