May 24 2021

znc ip listed as drones in dronebl.org
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The znc can not connect to the irc network as the free vhost ip is zlisted in dronebl.org. Wht do I do?
We're looking into it.
Staff StephenS    May 25 2021
Should be resolved now.
Staff StephenS    May 25 2021
On libera.chat the IP is still banned - any chances to get an I-Line there? :)
padrepio    May 25 2021
We're working with libera to register us as a shell provider.

Stay tuned.
Staff StephenS    May 25 2021
thanx stephens..
hujanpagi    May 26 2021
thank you.
flojo    May 26 2021
The issue with Libera.chat has been fixed. You are now allowed to connect there.
Staff StephenS    May 27 2021
That's awesome, thanks!
padrepio    May 27 2021

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