3 weeks ago

znc ip listed as drones in dronebl.org
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The znc can not connect to the irc network as the free vhost ip is zlisted in dronebl.org. Wht do I do?
We're looking into it.
Staff StephenS    3 weeks ago
Should be resolved now.
Staff StephenS    3 weeks ago
On libera.chat the IP is still banned - any chances to get an I-Line there? :)
padrepio    3 weeks ago
We're working with libera to register us as a shell provider.

Stay tuned.
Staff StephenS    3 weeks ago
thanx stephens..
hujanpagi    3 weeks ago
thank you.
flojo    2 weeks ago
The issue with Libera.chat has been fixed. You are now allowed to connect there.
Staff StephenS    2 weeks ago
That's awesome, thanks!
padrepio    2 weeks ago

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