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server refused to start a shell/command
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I cannot connect to my shell through ssh. PuTTY returns a fatal error and a message "server refused to start a shell/command". My shell is active on the free plan. I can still connect to my shell a few days ago. Is that my problem or xShellz problem? Please help me. Thank you.
Free server works fine for us, its likely an issue on your side.
Staff StephenS    1 week ago
Thank you for your reply. I solved the problem by clicking forceful power off.
alaistermc    1 week ago
Hola alguien me dice como configurar la scrip para la vps y eso de root?
REALESA    4 days ago
You are not allowed to have sudo access because this is a shell provider, and not a VPS provider.

For more information please refer to the

With shell you can do many things, such as running irssi, znc, eggdrop and other stuff, however with our shell you are not allowed to run any type of server process.
Staff StephenS    4 days ago

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