Mar 04 2021

Cambio de shell
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Hola buenas tardes quiero cambiar mi shell
can you explain this a little bit more?
Lord255    Mar 04 2021
es que no me genera la shell automaticamente
DarianER    Mar 04 2021
i am not sure i get your problem.

you registered for a free shell and you didn't get the email how to use it?

cant you see your details on your panel?

if you go to: https://www.xshellz.com/xpanel/

and click on your "shell" (should have the choosen name there for sure); you can see the details how to connect to your shell, you can also change your shell password there.

so you can connect via ssh to the server.
Lord255    Mar 04 2021
Hola amigo soy de argentina me rnseñarias msnejar esta pagina tengo la cuenta ys armada pero no conecta
Mateoscba    May 01 2021

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