Jul 29 2020

trouble connecting to znc since mirc client
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Few days ago, i try to connect to my znc, and works great,
but now give me the message: 'no more connections allowed'

why happens that?

I check in my pc, and don't have anothers mirc clients connected,
even restart my pc to check and still have the issue

If i understand the trouble is that a previous (or previous) connection was created,
but like i said before, i check all , and don't have another pc, and neither share my znc with others

Maybe the message is about the moment in that the znc connect with the irc network,
but i check the irc network directly with the mirc client and see my znc user connected (using /w user), but i don't understand
why using the znc connection don't let me login in that user

Can you help me?
I hope your answer, and thank you

Here my log connection

* Connecting to shell.xshellz.com (2020)
- Welcome to ZNC -

And after

<*status> Error from Server [Closing link: ([email protected]) [No more connections allowed from your host via this connect class (global)]]
<*status> Disconnected from IRC. Reconnecting...
Too many connections error. We already have many users connected to that IRC server from our free shell. The best way to fix it is by upgrading to a paid shell plan (preferably with dedicated IP add-on) from https://www.xshellz.com/pricing . Since we have a lot of IPs on paid servers this won't be a problem there.
Staff Som    Jul 31 2020

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