Jun 21 2020

Unable to connect to Undernet via ZNC
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I get this message:

E[i]rror from Server [Your host is trying to (re)connect too fast -- throttled]
Disconnected from IRC. Reconnecting...[/i]

Is there any ZNC settings I have overlooked?

Should I use a specific Undernet server with more "relaxed" settings?

Yep keep your connections relaxed. Otherwise it might end up getting our ip banned on their irc server.
Staff Som    Jun 21 2020
Hi Som,

Thanks for the answer.

Can you please help me by being more specific on which settings I should change?

Given that I have kept all the default znc settings, I found it strange that I couldn't actually connect once.

Am I doing something wrong?

colosseum    Jun 22 2020
you can play around the global setting in webadmin.

see connect delay and conn throttle.
Lord255    Jun 22 2020

I tried with your settings but doesn't seem to work.

I even stopped the service for over 1 hour to avoid being G lined, but nothing.

I'm gonna give up using xshellz znc for undernet for the time being as I do not want to mess up with the network. But thanks for your help , appreciated :-)
colosseum    Jun 23 2020

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