3 weeks ago

Unable to connect to Undernet via ZNC
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I get this message:

E[i]rror from Server [Your host is trying to (re)connect too fast -- throttled]
Disconnected from IRC. Reconnecting...[/i]

Is there any ZNC settings I have overlooked?

Should I use a specific Undernet server with more "relaxed" settings?

Yep keep your connections relaxed. Otherwise it might end up getting our ip banned on their irc server.
Staff Som    2 weeks ago
Hi Som,

Thanks for the answer.

Can you please help me by being more specific on which settings I should change?

Given that I have kept all the default znc settings, I found it strange that I couldn't actually connect once.

Am I doing something wrong?

colosseum    2 weeks ago
you can play around the global setting in webadmin.

see connect delay and conn throttle.
Lord255    2 weeks ago

I tried with your settings but doesn't seem to work.

I even stopped the service for over 1 hour to avoid being G lined, but nothing.

I'm gonna give up using xshellz znc for undernet for the time being as I do not want to mess up with the network. But thanks for your help , appreciated :-)
colosseum    2 weeks ago

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