May 28 2020

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hello. i have the following problem with eggdrop. everything starts properly and then it gives me this error

Channels: #Mixmag (trying), #spidernet (trying)
No server currently.
#Mixmag : (not on channel)
#spidernet : (not on channel)

Trying server []:6667
[15:50:12] Connected to
[15:50:12] -NOTICE- *** You're banned! Email [email protected] with the ERROR line below for help.
[15:50:12] -ERROR from server- Closing link: ([email protected]) [G-Lined: bncta]
[15:50:12] Disconnecting from server.
well. this not an error, but seems you have been banned from the network :|
Lord255    May 28 2020
my previous bot had the same problem but i fixed it. however i forgot how. do you have any idea how i can fix this. thanks
snorki    May 28 2020
having a gline.. idk if you can avoid that.

i mean gline is a global ban. that means you are banned from the whole network.

questions: what is banned. your nick? your ident? your host? or a mixed thing?

if iam right, right now, might be your ip? [email protected]

as far as i can see is xshellz, from canada.

tbh, if you didn't do something obvious, i would ask why did this happen.

you got a ban fro some reason for sure.
Lord255    May 28 2020
how to change this <span class="text">[email protected]</span>
snorki    May 29 2020

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