Apr 03 2020

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hi my shell is banned because of too many open connections.can i release it
We have unbanned you, take care for number of your connections.
Staff StephenS    Apr 03 2020
i have thise message : [03:22:45] -ERROR from server- Closing Link: Rym[] (Too many connections from your IP)

i am banned too ?
isam    Apr 09 2020
No, you are not banned, its just that end server has too many connections from our main server.
Staff StephenS    Apr 09 2020
Now i am banned .. but i just do test for my free shell : Sorry to let you know, but it seems your shell has been banned. You may did some bad things such as too many listening TCP/UDP ports (autoban)
isam    Apr 11 2020

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