Oct 13 2019

API Help
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Does the API work? I'm a bit confused as to how to use it exactly. I created an app, and have:

App ID, App Name, Created, Access Token

(eg. 1234, MyApp, 10-13-2019, ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ )

When I go to "Authorize" in the "Try" area I get this:

Scopes are used to grant an application different levels of access to data on behalf of the end user. Each API may declare one or more scopes.

API requires the following scopes. Select which ones you want to grant to xShellz UI.


OAuth2 Implicit Grant

Authorization URL: https://www.xshellz.com/oauth/authorize

Flow: implicit



I'm not really sure what to put for client_id ? I'm mostly interested in:


( Keep shell )

Although totally confused how to actually make it work, thanks.
Hello, we're not providing keep function via API, as it can be abused, and we want to ensure that we have real users using our service and not bots.
Staff StephenS    Oct 15 2019

That is understandable, although what if a user goes on vacation for a couple of weeks and can't login and wants to keep their ZNC running?

Regarding the API, does it even work? I couldn't seem to do anything with it as my previous question stated (eg. "client_id" field is a mystery).
wat    Oct 20 2019
API is currently disabled for public use. We're using it privately for now.
Staff StephenS    Oct 20 2019
Oh, that's unfortunate.

I would suggest taking down the links to the API (and not showing it on the site) since users are unable to utilize it. Otherwise it facilitates confusion and causes users to waste time on something that's not even available to us.
wat    Oct 28 2019

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