Tips & Tricks on xShellz

vHost list is available here.
Type "passwd" inside your shell, to change your shell password.
Type "znc -c" on any xShellz server and you will start znc configuration setup.
Use xShellz eggdrop generator to generate eggdrop.conf and then type on any xShellz server "eggdrop -m eggdrop.conf" to start eggdrop, without compiling.
Typing "xshellzhelp" on any xShellz server will give you list of all available commands on our service.
Did you know that you can change your shell password remotely from xPanel? Simply visit xPanel, click on Manage for your shell service, and enter new password and finish with clicking "Change Password" button.
Our AI bot xinfo on #xShellz @ has ability to learn cool stuff. You can learn him too, with !learn
Type !help in #xShellz IRC channel to get info about major commands.
Did you know that you can control your shell service and account via xShellz API? Simply make API App, and use it.