How to create ssh/shell and configure znc, eggdrop and more with [VIDEO]
Jun 22 2016

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Hey, take a look at xShellz video tutorials and subscribe to us on YouTube.

Learn how to run znc/eggdrop really easy and fast.


How to create online ssh shell for free

How to change shell password on xShellz

How to setup eggdrop in less than 2 mins

How to configure znc really fast and quick for free

Great set of tutorials, really helpful!
Crucio    Jun 26 2016
Unfortunately this video is not available in your country because it could contain music from SME for which we could not agree on conditions of use with GEMA......

Englishfire    Jul 01 2016
Hello, we have solved this issue and video is now released for all countries, thanks for pointing that out.
Staff StephenS    Jul 01 2016
Great idea :)
saapete    Jul 07 2016
i couldnt fill that blanks with proper keywords. Can you make an "noob-friendly" tutorial please?
uselessbookshelves    Aug 04 2016
Hello, which tutorial are you referring to and what "blanks"?
Staff StephenS    Aug 05 2016
Usually when i read TUTORIAL i think cool this is going to teach me how to do it..think about it, if someone already knows what he should do he wouldn't need a tutorial and for the ones they don't.. recording the screen and just doing what you know how to do is not called a TUTORIAL!
There should be a SLOW step by step walk through so that people who dunno what to do can actually learn how to do it and now a 2 min blazers that assume we already know what your doing!!! a great example of what am talking about is the ZNC setup.. saw your tutorial didn't understand anything.. went to the forum and saw "noteness" tutorial and managed to make it work!! appreciate the effort but u get thumbs down from me :)
Tutenkhamun    Oct 11 2016
This tutorial assumes you know the basics of linux and networks. We're just showing how to create znc faster than usually on xShellz.
Staff StephenS    Oct 11 2016
my goodness!!! do you guys have documentation for the tutorial??? the video is nothing....
EFyu    Nov 07 2016
Untill 01:49 everything is ok.
Then what ?
I hit enter and nothing.
:Save modified buffer" What do I do so this comes up ?
Bunny    Nov 27 2016

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