How to configure your znc?
Feb 17 2016

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After registering and creating your shell download PuTTY and SSH into the server

Hostname: (or) (or)
Port: 22

After logging in, enter your username (case sensitive) and password (will not be visible). Your login details are in your shell panel at <> Copy paste your details to avoid mistakes.

After you've gained access into the shell, do as follows,

znc -c

-- Global settings --

Listen on port (1025 to 65534): (Any port from 1025 to 65534. Please don't choose the obvious ones. Note it down, we'll be needing it later)

Listen using SSL (yes/no) [no]: yes (recommended)

Listen using both IPv4 and IPv6 (yes/no) [yes]: yes

-- Admin user settings --

Username (alphanumeric): (Your preferred username to login into the znc webpanel, you'll need this later)

Enter password: (Any password)
Confirm password: (Any password. Note this down too, we'll need it later)

Nick [Foo]: (Nick you'll be using in irc)

Alternate nick [Foo_]: (Alternative nick you'll be using in irc)

Ident [Foo]: (This will be your ident)

Real name [Got ZNC?]: (Whatever you wish)

Bind host (optional): (Just press 'Enter')

-- Network settings -- (The following details are for Freenode network, however the process is still the same. Check your networks' documentation for the specifics)

Set up a network? (yes/no) [yes]: yes

Name [freenode]: freenode

Server host []:

Server uses SSL? (yes/no) [yes]: yes

Server port (1 to 65535) [6697]: 6697

Server password (probably empty): (empty, just press 'Enter')

Initial channels: #xshellz (Any channel you want)

Launch ZNC now? (yes/no) [yes]: yes

And you're DONE!

Now, to access your webpanel, visit (or) (or)

If you chose 'no' to 'Listen using SSL', use 'http' instead of 'https'.

Now to login into the znc, use the username and password you used to configure your znc via SSH.

After doing that, you should be able to use your znc as your irc server. Use the command below,

/server (or) (or) [+] username[/networkname]:password

Use '+' if you chose 'yes' to 'Listen using SSL' in the NETWORK setting

Use '/networkname' if you're setting up/using multiple networks. Use the same name you used in 'Name'.
Ident of your ZNC on your shell is your shellname and this cannot be changed.
saapete    Mar 21 2016
It keeps saying this:
Please enter your nickname. You don't have access.
What should I do?
lezato    May 24 2016
well i changed to and it works fine but it shows that i don't connect to dalnet server
lezato    May 24 2016
hy y try to change the vhost but he sayng Unknown command [vhosts] try 'Help'
Error from Server [Your host is trying to (re)connect too fast -- throttled]
allejandro    Oct 09 2016
I cant access to webpanel, why? The site can't be reached.
ocuardi    Nov 09 2016
You access your webpanel by going to<yourlisteningporthere> <----that way minus the <> around your listening port. That will get you to your web panel. Also see our channel topic on reaching your shell on the vhost Our free server now has 4 IPs/vhosts which you can see on our vhosts tab on this website or you can go back to our channel and type !vhosts which will give you the link to the tab on our website :) Have a great day
saapete    Nov 09 2016
Okay, this mostly works. But I keep getting "This session does not belong to your IP." How do I fix this?
UrsaTempest    Jan 10 2017
Great i did it completed and its working really good. thanks alot
mgogulski    Jul 31 2019
i want to change my shell pw how can i do?
pukhtana    Aug 21 2019
Herhangi bi sorun mu var port yazıyorum yapılandırma hatası veriyor s&uuml;rekli:(
quaa    Mar 02 2022

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