Oct 21 2015

Forgottten passphrase and recovery live from usb
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So recently I have encountered a problem where I had encrypted /home/ directory, which was on separate partition /dev/sdaX where X is your number of partition for /home/. You can simply while inside of live ubuntu session do this:
sudo su
and then find out what partition is for what.
mount /dev/sda3 /mnt
and then
ls -al /mnt
What do you see? Your user(s) or var/proc/dev etc files? If is your user(s), for example: stephens, then thats your home partition, now just find out whats your partition where the linux is installed. Once you did that, lets assume your linux is on /dev/sda3 and home under /dev/sda7 do this:
umount /mnt
mount /dev/sda3 /mnt
mount /dev/sda7 /mnt/home
and then chroot to it
chroot /mnt bash
After that simply run
and for login PASSPHRASE hit Y and enter your user's login pass. Thats it.

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