Apr 25 2019

whats going on now?
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seems usturbo is down again, i moved to free for znc then it refuses.. whats going on with this anyone experiencing this?
now the front page says banned on free shell lol.. dont know how i did this.. help
IMrEwt    Apr 25 2019
Hello, your shell should be working properly now,w e have migrated to the new server.
Staff StephenS    Apr 25 2019
It seems that all the vhosts IPs are not reachable.
kurtubba    May 02 2019
Hello, we have just checked, and vHosts are working. Can you tell us with which specific vHost/IP you have an issue?
Staff StephenS    May 02 2019
nevermind all good now.
kurtubba    May 02 2019

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