Mar 07 2019

TurboUS down??
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turbo us down?? here i weas bragging over a year uptime lol.
yes down for me too. I was bragging the same 2 days ago. Regardless I absolutly love these guys, service support and everything just works (exept for this hiccup).
CGSHELL    Mar 07 2019
yeh lol, was bragging on my 1 year or more uptime haha. cool to know. ty. sure theyll get it up soon!!
IMrEwt    Mar 07 2019
We had an unexpected security patch on TurboUS and it should function properly as of now.

We apologize for this small downtime.
Staff StephenS    Mar 08 2019
Is there still a problem with the TurboUS server. I have been unable to login for a week. Will the problems be resolved sometime soon? Thank you.
evlthecat    Mar 29 2019
We are planning TurboUS patching and reboot tonight. Downtime will be minimal (about 10 minutes) and all processes should be started automatically.
Staff StephenS    Mar 29 2019

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