Mar 07 2019

Why does it take so long to activate / create a shell?
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Shell creation can take up to 1 hour. Please be patient and only send your request to activate/create a shell once! I won't bore you and explain all the reasons why it can take that long to activate/create a shell, but I will tell you that by sending multiple requests for the same shell to be created you are only causing the process that you are so impatiently waiting for to slow down. You are creating multiple processes for the same shell and unnecessarily keeping the entire server and the program that creates shells extremely busy, which multiplies the original time by the time that you would have been waiting for that shell would you have just been patient in the first place. Did you follow that? lol If you have any questions you can contact me in #xshellz on the freenode server or send a ticket here on the website using the 'Contact xShellz' page. You can find a link for this at the bottom of the page.
just why
ilovefreeuvps    May 14 2019
ilovefreeuvps    May 14 2019
como puedo pasarle a http inyector
jackflow    Jul 13 2021

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