May 31 2018

Can you set an alias on login here? [SOLVED]
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Is it possible to set an alias when I login?

Like: alias ll="ls -hal"
You can add that to your ~/.bashrc file.
Staff StephenS    May 31 2018
I tried that. It's not working :o(
Kumbaya    May 31 2018
After editing your .bashrc file, you need to source it (source ~/.bashrc), or log out and back in to apply any changes. BTW the "ll" alias might be already in your .bashrc (it's a default), if you want to change its behaviour, find and edit that one line.
Staff trttl    Jun 01 2018
I have some trouble with the .bashrc file. It is not there and when I made a new one it did't work.

So I put the alias in the file: .profile and now the alias is set when I log in.

Kumbaya    Jun 01 2018

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