4 weeks ago

Unable to telnet to my bot.
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Hi, I used xshellz for quite some time. I recently came back and restarted the shell. It says that the shell is active and I can SSH to it as before with luck.

The eggdrop is still there, but not working properly. I.e. when I try to telnet to the eggdrop with the same port as I have in the config file I dont get access to it. I just get black screen in putty, it doesnt seem to be teleneting to the port.

What might be wrong?
Are you telnet-ing to the correct address and port? The command is 'telnet listening_port' (without quotes).

I just checked on your shell and your telnet works perfectly. So check if you are using correct address and port.
Staff Som    4 weeks ago
Thanks it worked. Although strangely enough the port that i use now is not the same as i specified in the config file.
Rudi    4 weeks ago

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