4 weeks ago

How long until the Shell is created?
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Just curious. Wish I discovered this site earlier.
Shell creation is down for a few days. We are cleaning up the free servers. It will be back soon.
Staff Som    4 weeks ago
Will it be immediate if I pay?
trecentotrenta    4 weeks ago
Yep, Paid Servers are up and operational. You can get the shell plans at
Staff Som    4 weeks ago
my shell is stuck on being created. Please help me
ETNMiner    4 weeks ago
Shell creation will be back from 30th January, 2018.
Staff Som    4 weeks ago
how long will it take for my shell to get created
Decxde    2 weeks ago
It will be available from 30th January.
Staff Som    2 weeks ago
Its almost 2 weeks but still not created shell even one.. When it ill be availalbe
devilpradeepvyas    2 weeks ago
Not until the 14th of January
inothernews    2 weeks ago
@Som You literally said 14th of January and then you edited your message. Give us a real CONFIRMED date please.
twoitwoevo    1 week ago

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