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Can't connect - SSL error
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I am getting following error since past two days.

Disconnected from IRC (error:140780E5:SSL routines:SSL23_READ:ssl handshake failure). Reconnecting...

I have tried wiping the config & reconfiguring it but it was to no avail. Please note that the same config worked without a hitch till 4 days ago. It started throwing those errors since past 2/3 days or so.

How do I fix it? I tried asking on #xshellz (freenode) but no one replied.
Here's another variant of the error -

Disconnected from IRC (error:140770FC:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unknown protocol). Reconnecting...
drcntmpt    1 week ago
SSL certificate is self-signed, so if you use xChat, click on "Accept invalid SSL certificates" and you should be ready to go.
Staff StephenS    1 week ago
Hi StephenS,

I use KVIRC (4.92) and it used to work just a few days ago. But it's not working now.

Also there's no option in KVirc OR znc webpanel offered by Xshellz to accept invalid SSL certs.
drcntmpt    1 week ago
Hello again, StephenS

I tried a different client just now (HexChat) and selected to accept invalid SSL certificates but - shell.xshellz.com - (other servers - ca1, ca2, ca3) still throws same SSL errors.
drcntmpt    1 week ago

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