Nov 11 2017

Can't connect - SSL error
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I am getting following error since past two days.

Disconnected from IRC (error:140780E5:SSL routines:SSL23_READ:ssl handshake failure). Reconnecting...

I have tried wiping the config & reconfiguring it but it was to no avail. Please note that the same config worked without a hitch till 4 days ago. It started throwing those errors since past 2/3 days or so.

How do I fix it? I tried asking on #xshellz (freenode) but no one replied.
Here's another variant of the error -

Disconnected from IRC (error:140770FC:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unknown protocol). Reconnecting...
drcntmpt    Nov 11 2017
SSL certificate is self-signed, so if you use xChat, click on "Accept invalid SSL certificates" and you should be ready to go.
Staff StephenS    Nov 11 2017
Hi StephenS,

I use KVIRC (4.92) and it used to work just a few days ago. But it's not working now.

Also there's no option in KVirc OR znc webpanel offered by Xshellz to accept invalid SSL certs.
drcntmpt    Nov 11 2017
Hello again, StephenS

I tried a different client just now (HexChat) and selected to accept invalid SSL certificates but - shell.xshellz.com - (other servers - ca1, ca2, ca3) still throws same SSL errors.
drcntmpt    Nov 11 2017

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