Nov 02 2017

Username already exists, please choose another one.
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Hi Guys,

Today created my account here.

After that tried to select a Plan. When clicking on a plan and then clicking on Create, I get the following error: <span style="background-color: #f2dede; color: #a94442; font-family: 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; text-align: center;">Username already exists, please choose another one.


Now I see I'm unable to change my username, so my question now is, How can I continue?


Your shell is ready to use. Go to and select your shell for its details.
Staff trttl    Nov 02 2017
Thank you. Too bad it wasn't just saying there already existed a plan, which could be found back in xpanel.
cce    Nov 03 2017

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