Packages are released in xShellz 3.0
Jun 26 2017

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xShellz 3.0 is out of beta and is now on production servers.

xShellz 3.0 include major core feature of xShellz: Packages

With Packages, you can write your own UI, with realtime UI builder. Once you write/build UI, you can start writing bash automation script. xshellz.json input fields will be auto injected into Xshellzfile. This is a major new concept on xShellz and video tutorials + documentation is coming out shortly.

Once you write your package, you can click on Build/Provision button and see in realtime how your automation script works. You can later check My Jobs under My Profile, to see the current state of your provision and output (if any).

Outputs longer than 30k chars are uploaded to S3 storage.

Max timeout for provision is 10 mins.

Free users can run only 1 concurrent build/provision while paid, according to their membership plan.

More info will come in the days to come. If you have any doubts or questions, let us know.

- StephenS

CEO of xShellz.

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