May 16 2017

Port sharing?
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I only set up a free shell with this server within the last 24 hours - one thing that has made me curious is that it seems it is all hosted on the same IP
I set up a znc with a port of my choosing and everything works fine although for this service is it first in first served for port allocation?

I started thinking about this after realizing the IP was the host of the "shell" subdomain and after
netstat -tulpn|cut -d " " -f1|egrep "tcp|udp"|wc -l and seeing nearly 800 ports most of which were tcp

So i guess my question is: is the ideology of the free service when it comes to running external services first in first served for port allocation or are there more subdomains and i got in with the group that use the main "shell" one?
We have many vhosts, and one of them are listed on vhosts page. Free server have 3 IPs which you can choose from.
Staff StephenS    May 18 2017
This is also why the "freeport" shell command exists, to help avoid port conflicts. exists as an easily bindable host.
DBG    May 26 2017

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