Jun 14 2016

Showing how xShellz instant xPanel works with xTuner
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Hey xShellzers.

Recently we have been busy with implementing new features to the existing xPanel.

Bunch of new stuff for paid members, such as auto-start for any service hosted on xShellz servers and preference saver, so you can easily import your shell environment to any xShellz server via xPanel.

But, the question might be for some, how this works?
We have made internal tool which runs on master xServer and communicates through xShellz xAPI and calls xAPI if something occurs on xPanel. This is handled through xTuner.

xTuner is a daemon running 24/7 on master xServer and waiting for commands to be handled on. Once you run something from xPanel, xTuner is handling it, executing specific command and finishing the xJob.

xJob is a special unit used at xShellz to measure speed of execution for each task.

Further info on xPanel and diagrams will be published soon.

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