May 05 2016

New features on xShellz - 2016
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Hey there xShellzers,
as you can see, we have a bunch of new features on xShellz web and servers.
First of all, I don't like to write wall of text, so I'm just going to give a list of stuff we implemented since the new 2016.
Billing, cron, and auto suspend/create ircd/ssh tweaked to work instantly.

xShellz API

Contact xShellz Staff Directly and Report Abuse Link

Private Messaging - new DB schema and instant messaging with email notification

Ticket management

IRCd Panel - functional with beta in progress and diagram for IRCd panel:

Web rewritten in OO with using ORM and model.

xPanel - instant shell password change

New forum design and options for edit comments and topics

Live chat system implemented on xShellz & BeltHosting

If you have any new ideas, suggestions and features to add, let us know.
Your feedback is welcome.

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