Nov 03 2012

Do you have idea how to make our products better?
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Do you have idea how to make our products and idea fresh and better?

We are invented to help you, and we cannot proceed without your opinion. Every suggestion will be read and if accepted, every member will get one month free shell account on elite server.
yes,could the space allotted on free server per user be 30 or 50 (if possible) ?
rahulthegamer    Nov 25 2012
i\'m not yet :(
kuningan    Dec 12 2012
@Rahulthegamer, we are working on expanding our free server, also if you have more needs for the superior server, you can order one of our premium plans anytime.
Staff StephenS    Dec 14 2012
You could have a system that, If granted and the users submission is true to its word, Scan the internet for any other vps accounts or shell accounts, and if the user has abused a shell or vps in the past, deny his entry into the community.
Alaura    Dec 27 2012
An idea is the above give some privildge for someone that donate one time without be into a month payment system. That gonna helps me a lot personal
grepme    Oct 10 2013

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