Apr 04 2023

Shells Offline?
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I'm wondering what's going on with the shells.. both servers seem to be offline?
Yep. Down!
toorga    Apr 04 2023
:( Hopefully comes back soon.
kamakzie    Apr 05 2023
still down
maerco    Apr 05 2023
Also the paid server is down from about 2 days ...

Is xshellz definitely dead?
pachi    Apr 05 2023
stephen is off irc too. one can only guess it could be dead
tonyt    Apr 05 2023
It is an odd week in many countries, maybe the admins are on holidays. Let's wait and see if we get any news eventually
tigertoni    Apr 05 2023
Hello all, we were working hard on restoring network access interface and we're sorry for this late reply, but we successfully restored network interface and all should function properly.
Staff StephenS    Apr 05 2023
Great thanks a lot for your great job
maerco    Apr 06 2023
Thank you for fixing it as quickly as possible.
kamakzie    Apr 06 2023
thank you
sprintv    Apr 07 2023

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