Feb 23 2023

ZNC web interface doesn't work
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when I try to connect to the ZNC web interface I receive the error: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE

The SSH connection to the Free Server works.

Is it possible to know what is happening?

Are you sure you have web module installed?
Staff StephenS    Feb 24 2023
Hi StephenS,

yes I'm sure because I've used it before.
Dublade    Feb 24 2023
Its more likely issue on your side, I just tried with a fresh znc -c (pre-compiled) install and webadmin works just fine.

Make sure you have this: Loading global module [webadmin]

You could ask more about this issue on irc.libera.chat #znc
Staff StephenS    Feb 24 2023
I have this options enabled in the znc.config file but I think that there is no solution for this issue, thank you anyway for your help, I give up and go back with the classic connection, my Linux knowledge is limited and noone can/want to help me.

Keep the good service and many thank you again.
Dublade    Feb 24 2023

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