3 weeks ago

Free server in a boot loop?
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Been having issues for hours now. Every now and then it'll come online and I can login, but my SSH connection is terminated before I can even type "uptime". I think it's rebooting continuously.

The xshellz.com homepage the Free server with "00:00:00 up 0:00, 0 user, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00".
Im having the same problem and have had it happen all day. I cannot even connect to my znc bouncer. Pinging shows that the host is down (times out).
paladox    3 weeks ago
same here
jasperdett    3 weeks ago
Shell not working for me either.
Aurin    3 weeks ago
There is a problem with infrastructure for a free server. Server is working fine, but with some delays over the network. We are working on fixing those.
Staff StephenS    3 weeks ago
Hi @StephenS, any updates? If you don't think the free server is coming back any time soon, please say so, so people can plan accordingly. I haven't bothered looking into alternatives because I thought this would just be a short-term outage.
rangergord    3 weeks ago

free shell server is working perfectly fine, the issue here is the network infrastructure which is under the mitigation due to the several attacks.

Once the attack stop, you will see no connection lag, for now, you are able to login and use the shell as usual with the slower request->response than usual.

This is a short-term half-outage as all services (bouncers) and processes are still working without any issues.
Staff StephenS    3 weeks ago

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