Mar 22 2021

Can't connecto to
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Dear colleagues:

I am contacting you as I am trying to connect my eggdrop to but it is constantly getting rejected due to too many connections from

Could you please check this with staff? Below is my eggdrop's connection log.

[16:16:16] Trying server []:6667
[16:16:16] DNS resolved to
[16:16:16] net: connect! sock 8
[16:16:16] Connected to
[16:16:16] -NOTICE- *** Looking up your hostname...
[16:16:16] -NOTICE- *** Checking Ident
[16:16:16] -NOTICE- *** Found your hostname
[16:16:16] -NOTICE- *** Got Ident response
[16:16:16] -ERROR from server- Closing Link: (Too many connections from your host)
[16:16:16] Disconnecting from server.

Please let me know if you need any further data. Thanks in advance.
You need to check this with dalnet irc ops to increase number of connections for free server.
Staff StephenS    Mar 23 2021
Hi StephenS, I checked on #help room and I got the below answers:

(2021-03-23 11:51:54) darkstar: FIUBOT, apparently they reached their limit as to how many connections they can connect to the network at one time. That happens with free services, usually because they get abused with people using them to load drones, spammers or other miscreants. You will have to wait for one of them to disconnect, but don't worry, you are getting your money's worth

(2021-03-23 11:52:19) FIUBOT: Thanks darkstar

(2021-03-23 11:52:37) FIUBOT: Isn't there any way to increase the number of allowed connections?

(2021-03-23 11:53:14) darkstar: no, not for a user, they would need to try, and the answer might be no to them also
FIUBOT    Mar 23 2021
Host and IP the same ? cause mine says too many connection from IP? put for xxxchatters
nara    Apr 09 2021
Yes, only one IP on a free server.
Staff StephenS    Apr 09 2021

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