2 weeks ago

Error: Free server "There is no space left on this device"!
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When I ssh to and create a folder using mkdir, it said that "There is no space left on this device"! So there is no space??? I just use 32k on the HDD of xshellz! What can I do???
Help pls!
naocungchevps    2 weeks ago
Ok now /tmp is better! Thanks!
naocungchevps    2 weeks ago
i would not recomment you to use /tmp, since that's available for everyone.. :|

or if you set 600 (to files) or 700 (to folders) that could be okay, but really for temporary..

(i still wouldn't do)

let the admins clean up the FS a little bit. :)

although i wonder: where you want to write though?

cuz /home is a diff FS, that has plenty of free space.

but i guess something which you using (any apps) are trying to write to somewhere which is not having an own FS.

/dev/sda2 20G 19G 0 100% /
<<- this is a problem.
Lord255    2 weeks ago

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