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Can't connect to
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Dear colleagues:

I am bothering you as I can't create any connections to dalnet from the free server (IP address This is the error I'm getting on my eggdrop:

[15:06:01] Trying server []:6667
[15:06:01] DNS resolved to
[15:06:01] net: connect! sock 8
[15:06:01] Connected to
[15:06:01] net: eof!(read) socket 8
[15:06:01] Disconnected from

On Irssi I am getting the same error, so I discard an issue with my eggdrop:

18:28 -!- Irssi v1.0.7-1~deb9u1 -
18:28 -!- Irssi: Looking up
18:28 -!- Irssi: Connecting to [] port 6667
18:28 -!- Irssi: Connection to established
18:28 -!- Irssi: Connection lost to

Could you please check this?

Please let me know if you need any further data.

Thanks in advance.
We're checking this.
Staff StephenS    3 weeks ago
Check with Arfie on in order to resolve this issue.
Staff StephenS    3 weeks ago
I have spoken with Arfie about this. It turns out that dalnet servers are rejecting the connections from xshellz free servers as they see these connections as a throttle due to being a lot in a few seconds. Eventually my eggdrop connected, but it is likely that the same thing is happening to a lot of people.
FIUBOT    3 weeks ago
well, it would be nice, if they could raise their limits for the servers.. ?:D did you tell/ask him about that?

of course that there are lots of connections, cuz' lots of ppl using the server..
Lord255    3 weeks ago

If you are experiencing issues like this, please try to connect to, or, rather than These three servers have slight increases in clone limits specifically for xshellz customers.

If you still experience issues, feel free to ask on DALnet in #operhelp or message me directly.



DALnet KLine Team
arf    3 weeks ago
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talhaaa    3 weeks ago
thx <span class="text">Arfie! :)

Lord255    3 weeks ago

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