Dec 26 2019

Add TCL's to my Eggdrop
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Hi, anyone know how to add tcl's to my Eggdrop? I have only eggdrop.conf, pid, chan, notes and user files in folder. Thank you.
eggdrop is already installed on all xShellz servers, type 'eggdrop -m eggdrop.conf' (without the quotes) to run it. If you don't have eggdrop.conf generate one using xShellz eggdrop generator: . Also make sure to check our video tutorial on How to setup eggdrop on xShellz servers:
Staff Som    Dec 27 2019
I have already setup and run an eggdrop, but I want to add to it some TCL's ;) How can I do that? Thank you.
RumenGeorgieff    Dec 27 2019
Go to the bottom of your eggdrop.conf file, there you'll find the scripts loading section. Just follow the instructions written in the comments to load the your TCL script and then rehash/restart your bot.
Staff Som    Dec 30 2019
i cant upload my custom tcl scripts, how and where should i upload them?

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