Mar 09 2018

SinusBOT help
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How to install and control SinusBOT on this shell or whatever is it ?

official site of the bot

Thanks for every help :)
SinusBot/TeamSpeak is not allowed on Free shell.

As far as the that package is considered, it's an incomplete package and it's not an official package released by xShellz staff.
Staff Som    Mar 09 2018
Can i get one for free ? Only for one day to try it and lear how it is works ? Then I can thinking about buying, but i need try it.

Ty for your help. :)
sinusbotpopel    Mar 09 2018
Sorry we don't give trial periods for our paid plans. If you want it, you have to buy it directly from .
Staff Som    Mar 09 2018
aver prro tu pagina es una porqueria da error a cada rato la pagina que wuen hacker :v
pabloyts    May 20 2018

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