Dec 08 2017

Can I start a remote connection with this?
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can I start a remote desktop connection with this? or how do I install a teamspeak server?
TeamSpeak server is not allowed on Free Shell. Please buy a paid shell plan to run it. Check out our paid shell plans at https://www.xshellz.com/pricing .
Staff Som    Dec 09 2017
yes,, you can create server then download android app 'juice' to connect to server
hazalyeni    Apr 20 2018
men puedo configurarlo en el Http Injector
pabloyts    May 20 2018
can not play in juice does not accept I get access denied
novato    Jul 26 2018
Qual apk pode jogar free Shell?

O app suco não joga a vps Shell.
GerdanMalkavian    Jul 30 2018
CyberGhostt    Aug 05 2018
como entro acceso remoto
wilmerjose    Sep 26 2018

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