Mar 08 2018

free services
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it has been 3 weeks mate!
Click on Recreate button.
Staff StephenS    Mar 10 2018
Thanks Mate! I made a new account anyway. its mean i will not hit that recreate button to avoid multiple account
memew    Mar 11 2018
hi i need to finish compilation for psybnc, i have this message :

Configuration File: psybnc.conf

Language File: psyBNC Language File - English

No logfile specified, logging to log/psybnc.log

Cannot create listening port .. aborting
Walace    May 10 2018
Try another port.
Staff StephenS    May 10 2018
Hello! I want to create a basic SAMP server, however I need some packages, I tried but I do not have the ROOT password
ztioluh    Jul 14 2018
Shell is NOT the VPS. Shell is a user interface for access to an operating system's services. Do not try to run sudo commands. Check VPS plans here .
Staff Som    Jul 15 2018
how i can set samp server packcage?

i AM trying,but i can`t set him
Rakketa    2 weeks ago
@Rakketa Server processes are not allowed on free shell. If you want a web hosting plan check them here
Staff Som    2 weeks ago

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