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Connecting via linux and SSH
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Hey people.

Currently using Bitvise...

What's the consol commands for logging in via SSH using your private/public key + passphrase + password?
You can find your login details like username, password, hostname etc on xPanel
Staff Som    2 weeks ago
That was not my question sorry...

I already use bitvise to connect using a private key, passphrase and password.

I want to know how to do the exact same thing but on linux.
redcoder    2 weeks ago
You can use this command on your Linux terminal "ssh [email protected]" (without quotes). It should then prompt you for your password. Type it and you will login to your shell. Remember both username and password are case sensitive.
Staff Som    2 weeks ago
How do I use my private key and passphrase aswell though?
redcoder    2 weeks ago
Watch the first part of this video. It shows how to add SSH keys to your shell
Staff Som    2 weeks ago
I already know how to add a public key to my shell hence why I said I have already been connecting through bitvise...

Please read my question again...
redcoder    2 weeks ago

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