Nov 28 2017

Connecting via linux and SSH
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Hey people.

Currently using Bitvise...

What's the consol commands for logging in via SSH using your private/public key + passphrase + password?
You can find your login details like username, password, hostname etc on xPanel
Staff Som    Nov 28 2017
That was not my question sorry...

I already use bitvise to connect using a private key, passphrase and password.

I want to know how to do the exact same thing but on linux.
redcoder    Nov 28 2017
You can use this command on your Linux terminal "ssh [email protected]" (without quotes). It should then prompt you for your password. Type it and you will login to your shell. Remember both username and password are case sensitive.
Staff Som    Nov 28 2017
How do I use my private key and passphrase aswell though?
redcoder    Nov 28 2017
Watch the first part of this video. It shows how to add SSH keys to your shell
Staff Som    Nov 28 2017
I already know how to add a public key to my shell hence why I said I have already been connecting through bitvise...

Please read my question again...
redcoder    Nov 28 2017

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