Apr 15 2017

I got banned for having multiple accounts, but I don't have multiple accounts
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I see that my banned message says:
Sorry to let you know, but it seems your shell has been banned. You may did some bad things such as creating multiple accounts (yetoo, akoe, akoeusers, akoebi, qudsi, irhab, bullah)
I did no such thing. I don't know how you guys determined this, whether by ip or something, I don't know what I did that would cause a confusio0n like this. Can someone please enlighten me? If I can't get un-banned for this appeal, can I at least backup all my files for a duration of time, I have some important stuff under my account. Thank you.

>I don't know what I did that would cause a confusio0n like this.
As said in the answer to your ticket, keeping other peoples' shells are not allowed, because if you do things like that, you can easily end up being grouped with others and banned for multiples while you in fact don't have multiple accounts.
Staff trttl    Apr 16 2017
Based on what trttl said, yetoo was using the !keep command on numerous users, with your username being one of them. It is possible that you did nothing wrong and if so, you should open a support ticket of your own.
DBG    Apr 21 2017

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