Nov 20 2021

Status: Banned. You can ask for unsuspension after one month
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>You MAY did some bad things such as too many open connections
What is the connection limit?

My IRC bot worked fine for more than 1 year. Now I can't neither investigate what went wrong, nor get back actual data.
Your tcl scrcipt via eggdrop made multiple connections. We have unbanned you, check your eggdrop logs, so that it doesnt happen again.
Staff StephenS    Nov 21 2021
Thank you so much!

But what is the connection limit? If it is 2-3 connections, it's not so hard to run out of the limit again.
kotyk    Nov 21 2021
We are not disclosing that publicly, but reasonable amount of connections is allowed. Anything beyond that is jeopardizing our shared server resources.
Staff StephenS    Nov 21 2021

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