Mar 27 2020

What would you like to see on xShellz in 2020?
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Hello, this is the first thread about community driven feedback. We want to hear it from you, suggest us your ideas and we will try to implement them.

This is an annual thread for 2020 year.

Feel free to share all your ideas and what would you like to see from features or improvements on xShellz.
I'd like to see the TDOM package installed in the TURBOUS server.
VerthNeel    Apr 16 2020
I would like the possibility of using SSH, as a vps ... and maybe if there was root access
Oliveirae    Apr 21 2020
This is a shell, not a VPS, but we have in mind to use container technology in order to have more opportunities while using shell.
Staff StephenS    Apr 21 2020
It would be perfect if it made this available, I think it could attract more users as well (due to a possible use as good by installing packages or something related) ... there are few that make it available, if you innovated that way and also offering the possibility of using it in the free version, it would be perfect
Oliveirae    Apr 21 2020

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