Mar 14 2020

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I guess there are 8 connections from xshellz to geekshed... ive never had to worry about this before recently... mayhaps some foul play with bots or something? is there anything that can be done by me or any of yall? ive talked to the geekshed #help channel they said they lifted the g-line but i still cant connect using my shell ]; please help much appreciated... and many many thanks on the well kept server its been an absolute life saver... [;
We cannot handle every network, but what we limit is, 2 IRC connections per user, so if someone is abusing our service, let us know and we will investigate this.

To resolve your issue you can speak with GeekShed Staff and ask them to increase numbers of connections from shell.xshellz.com server, otherwise you can go with our paid plans to achieve what you need.
Staff StephenS    Mar 16 2020

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